GPG celebrates 20 years of supporting local, statewide, national, and international public and nonprofit organizations!

Our Services

Research, Analysis, & Policy Development

We help inform planning, program, and policy efforts with targeted research and analysis.

  • Project design and management
  • Primary research through surveys, interviews, focus groups, listening sessions, and more
  • Literature and data review
  • Analysis to develop key findings, recommendations, or decision points
  • Development of summary and detailed reports including community assessments, policy analyses, and Discovery Reports to inform strategic planning


We help organizations and multi-organization teams with strategic planning, business model development, project design and implementation, and ongoing decision-making support.

  • Project design and management
  • Meeting design and facilitation
  • Stakeholder input through surveys, interviews, focus groups, and large meetings
  • Knowledge and application of a range of planning frameworks such as logic models, theories of change, Results-Based Accountability, the Business Model Canvas, and more
  • Development of plans, reports, summaries, presentation, and other communication tools

Grant Applications & Funding Strategy

We help organizations identify grant opportunities, make informed “bid” or “no-bid” decisions, and develop compelling applications for funding.

  • Funding prospect research and bid/no-bid analysis support
  • Development of concept papers to ensure agreement among project team members and partners and communicate the project to funders
  • Grant application project management
  • Comprehensive grant application development including design and facilitation of application development meetings with clients and their partners, support for systems registration (e.g.,, and development of all application components (e.g., narrative, budget and budget narrative, attachments, and forms) in collaboration with client staff
  • Grant application review and feedback

Facilitation & Collaboration

We design, facilitate, and document meetings and retreats, help form and support program and funder collaboratives, and coordinate ongoing learning communities.

  • Project management and communications
  • Meeting design, including development of a design document that clarifies meeting objectives and details the process, facilitators, and materials for each meeting session
  • Dynamic and engaging meeting facilitation
  • Meeting documentation and development of meeting notes and reports summarizing meeting outputs, key decisions, and/or next steps