Funding Research & Grant Proposal Development

GPG is nationally recognized for its ability to develop high-quality state and federal grant proposals. We have helped clients raise more than $400 million since 2002 from private foundations and local, state, and federal funding opportunities in the following fields: health and mental health, family violence, violence prevention, criminal justice, emergency housing, k-12 education, early childhood education, after school programs, youth development, workforce development, information technology, environmental protection, transportation planning, energy conservation, agriculture, community development.

Our successful track record is grounded in strong partnerships with clients. GPG unites strategic thinking with a keen understanding of the fund development process to help clients thoughtfully seek funding in alignment with program goals. To support clients with funding research and grant proposal development, GPG provides:

  • Funding opportunity research and monitoring tailored for each client
  • “Bid/no-bid” analysis of potential funding opportunities to help determine which opportunities to pursue
  • Coordination and development of grant proposals, including management of all application components – such as budgeting and partnership agreements – and support for application submission
  • Research to support needs statements, project justification, and other funder requests
  • Strategy sessions for proposal development teams to develop and refine the proposed approach for a grant application and agree on roles and responsibilities for proposal development and program implementation
  • Development of Concept Papers to help define a project and provide a starting point for the project’s goals, partners, and budget
  • Tool development, such as systems to track funding opportunities, proposals, awards, and reporting requirements and deadlines

Ultimately, we develop proposals that persuasively document our clients’ capacity to achieve exceptional results. Our proposals build excitement about the funder’s opportunity to invest in the client’s proposed project. Our financial and budget expertise allows for a final product that communicates both a compelling vision and an aligned budget. See our Fund Development Results table for a listing of awards.

Strategic, Business, Sustainability, & Action Planning

GPG provides strategic, business, sustainability, and action planning utilizing highly participatory approaches and creative design methods to ensure strong participation in group processes. These processes result in compelling, realistic, and actionable plans that involve the input and insight of a variety of stakeholders. GPG-supported planning processes often include a small Core Planning Team that helps design and guide the work. Depending on the scope of a project, we will support the establishment and convening of other teams (comprised of internal and/or external stakeholders) to develop and review plan components.

As a key part of our planning work, we collect and analyze stakeholder input by engaging both internal stakeholders (board members, leadership, staff, etc.) and external stakeholders (clients, partners, community members, etc.) through one-on-one interviews, online surveys, focus groups, and team meetings. The results of these efforts provide a powerful foundation for discussion as we work with a Core Planning Team and other relevant groups to draft and iterate on plan components.

Our meeting design and facilitation practices are guided by the philosophy and methodology of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a strengths-based approach to collaboration that focuses on recognizing and recreating successes and building upon strengths. As a result, the planning processes we facilitate create environments where individuals can reflect on and contribute their knowledge of what is working and why.

In addition to final versions of complete plan documents, these planning processes result in a number of additional deliverables such as one- and two-pagers, slides to present plans, websites, graphics, and implementation monitoring tools. Examples of GPG planning projects highlighted on our blog include:

  1. STEM Next Afterschool Networks Sustainability Planning
  2. Family Justice Center Sonoma County (FJCSC) Pathway to Justice Demonstration Initiative Strategic Planning

Systems Change & Collaboration

GPG provides planning and backbone support for multi-organization collaboratives and systems change efforts by bringing together individuals and organizations working on similar or complementary issues. We support stakeholders to work together in a coordinated way to impact complex and systemic issues. We have supported collaborative efforts at various levels, including local, regional, and statewide. These efforts have spanned multiple areas of work including early, K-12, and higher education; support for victims of crime; financial literacy and self sufficiency; workforce development; and comprehensive place-based initiatives.

Our approach to systems change and collaboration work is based on our experience facilitating and supporting diverse stakeholders and multi-disciplinary partners to work together. In order to flexibly address the unique needs of each project, we maintain a dynamic approach to communications, team formation, meeting scheduling, and document development. Drawing on our experience as well as new research and models for effective collaboration, we provide support for both the initial definition and structuring of collaboratives and systems change projects as well as the ongoing coordination often required for their work to progress effectively and efficiently.