GPG celebrates 20 years of supporting local, statewide, national, and international public and nonprofit organizations!

Our Mission

We inspire and support local, statewide, and national public and nonprofit organizations to maximize their results through effective collaboration, analysis, planning, and resource development. Through this work, we contribute to a more just and equitable world and improved outcomes for all people, beginning at birth.

GPG celebrates 20 years of supporting local, statewide, national, and international public and nonprofit organizations

Cheers to 20 years and many more to come!

From humble beginnings in Glen Price’s basement, with experience rooted in professional, volunteer, and elected positions, he saw an opportunity to serve public and non-profit organizations. For 20 years, GPG has been blessed to work and learn with an amazing group of clients and partners. Looking forward to what the next 20 years will bring!

About Us

GPG supports and serves clients working for positive change and helps them to realize outstanding outcomes.

Collectively, GPG team members have more than 100 years of successful experience working with efforts to strengthen education, criminal justice, community development, health and mental health, the environment, and other programs in California, the nation, and internationally.

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Our Clients

We work with a variety of clients including public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropic foundations.

We have experience supporting a number of state and local public agencies including city, county, and state governmental departments, school districts, public universities, and more.

We have worked to support small, medium, and large nonprofit organizations across a range of sectors including early childhood, K-12 education, expanded learning, community development, workforce development, environmental stewardship, food access, and health including behavioral health.

We partner with philanthropic foundations to provide strategy support and carry out projects aligned to foundation priorities. GPG has experience supporting the formation and ongoing work of funder collaboratives.


Glen Price Group has helped a number of clients with diverse, and often multiple, funding research and grant proposal development; strategic, business, sustainability, and action planning; and systems change and collaboration needs to achieve the results they desire.