This report summarizes the robust stakeholder engagement work undertaken to inform the development of the California Comprehensive Early Learning Plan (CCELP). These activities were developed and implemented by the Glen Price Group acting in coordination with the CCELP planning team, and with guidance from California Department of Education/Child Development Division (CDE/CDD) and the State Advisory Council (SAC) on Early Childhood Education and Care.

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Table of Contents

A. Statewide Engagement Overview
B. Summary of Key Stakeholder Interviews
C. Statewide Stakeholder Survey Results Summary
D. Statewide Regional Workshops – Results Summaries
E. Local Input Meetings – Results Summaries
F. Virtual Stakeholder Input Meetings – Results Summaries
G. New and Revised Policy Recommendations for CCELP Elements Contributed by Stakeholders
H. Stakeholder Input Ranking Summary