Upcoming Changes to Grants.gov Submission Process and Email Notifications

Grants.gov, the major online system for finding and applying for federal grant opportunities, recently made changes to its email notifications system and will be making additional changes to its application submission process next month.

As of December 31, 2017, Grants.gov will no longer be using the legacy PDF package for submission of grant applications. Submissions to Grants.gov will now be done through Workspace, “an online environment optimized for applicants who are collaborating on an application.” Workspace was launched in October 2015 and has been available for applicants to use for submission since early 2017. Workspace allows users to complete forms online or download and upload forms individually. Forms are then stored in Workspace and available for future applications. You can find more information on using Workspace, including an overview and video series, on the Grants.gov Community Blog and on Grants.gov. A key benefit of the new system is the ability to share application forms and attachments with other members of the team that is working on the application.

As another update, as of November 18, 2017, a Grants.gov account is required to receive email notifications about funding opportunities (including daily updates of new funding opportunities, updates on saved searches, and updates about specific opportunities). To simplify the registration process, Grants.gov will no longer require an organization name or a DUNS number in order to register. Make sure to register if you do not have a Grants.gov account and wish to continue receiving funding opportunities notifications. Grants.gov has more information on its notification subscription updates here.

More information about the Grants.gov registration process is available here.