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Mary Kay Rodgers, PhD


Dr. Mary Kay Rodgers is a senior researcher, qualitative methodologist and former adjunct faculty member at the University of Florida with over 25 years of educational experience in PreK-20 systems as a teacher, administrator, coach, and policy informer. She has co-designed, implemented, and evaluated educational programs nationally on topics such as early childhood and K-12 instructional coaching, leadership coaching, and early learning instructor and director credential programs. Dr. Rodgers specializes in qualitative and anthropological research around teacher professional learning, and has led statewide systems development efforts in California, Florida, Arizona, Texas and Louisiana heavily informed by policy maker, provider, coach, teacher and family voices, with publications on teacher learning, instructional coaching, communities of practice, critical pedagogy, child assessment, and program evaluation for PK-12 systems. In partnership with the Glen Price Group, Dr. Rodgers is currently examining California’s Early Learning and Care space in relation to Cost of Quality, Early Learning Math Initiatives, and California’s Math Ecosystem in grades 4-9.