Recognizing GPG Senior Associate Steve Schultz for 250 Funding Opportunity Newsletter Articles

For more than a decade, GPG Senior Associate Steve Schultz has written the biweekly Funding Opportunity Newsletter article for the County of Sonoma as part of GPG’s contract with the county to provide fund development services in support of county agencies and their community partners. 

In honor of the 250-article mark, we are proud to recognize Steve’s work providing tips for finding, developing, and winning grants.

Some of Steve’s evergreen advice:

  • Determine whether the opportunity addresses a documented need in the community
  • Find ways to show the human lives behind the data
  • Partner with other organizations that have been successful at obtaining grant funding, and whose work complements that of your organization or department
  • Use indicators to monitor the effectiveness of a program or intervention
  • Think about sustainability in terms of maintaining the improved outcomes that the program has achieved  

Congratulations to Steve for 250 insightful and interesting articles!