New Provides New Tools to Explore Federal Spending, the official source for spending data of the U.S. government, has launched its new site. The new site, previously only available in beta, has a new look, as well as new tools for exploring government spending:

  • The Spending Explorer is an interactive way to visualize the breakdown of the federal budget by category and agency. Users start with high-level categories that can be broken down into more specific spending purposes.
  • The Award Search allows users to find and explore different types of awards, including contracts, grants, direct payments, and loans. Searches can be done through Keyword or Advanced Search. The Advanced Search allows you to do a targeted search and filter awards by keyword, time period, award type, awarding agency, location, and other attributes. For example, the Advanced Search can show awards given to organizations in your state, county, congressional district, or ZIP code in different fiscal years and from different federal agencies.
  • Agency Profiles have a new layout that includes information such as agency mission, website, current fiscal year budgeting resources, and information about the agency’s budget, such as obligated amount, object classes, and federal accounts.

Data on awards can also be downloaded, with new files uploaded on the 15th of each month if data has changed since the previous month.

Explore the new tools at