January 2014: Wow!

Every once in a while the Glen Price Group (GPG) gets to work on something that makes us go, “Wow!”

So far in 2014 we have had two such experiences.

We had the honor to help guide the strategic planning processes for the California Department of Education After School Division (ASD) and the First 5 California Commission in the past year. Each engaged with a diverse group of stakeholders, both internal and external, throughout the planning period to help inform the development of their strategic plans.

On January 15th, GPG was in the room when Michael Funk, Director of ASD, presented the final plan to the ASD “Strategic Implementation Team,” the diverse group of staff and stakeholders responsible for generating much of the plan’s content. The enthusiasm for the plan went well beyond the physical document, with many participants noting a new and authentic spirit of collaboration permeating the relationship between the California Department of Education and the field. This social capital, more than anything, will be necessary to realize the plan’s ambitious objectives. In an evaluation of the process, one participant shared that the planning was “a very successful experiment that I hope other state agencies (and CDE departments) will follow and learn from!”

See what ASD was excited about with their strategic plan here

Similarly, after a nine-month planning process, GPG presented First 5 California’s final strategic plan to its Commissioners on January 23rd. Response to the plan was overwhelmingly positive with the Commissioners unanimously approving it. They and other stakeholders praised the comprehensive and inclusive planning process.
See First 5 California’s new plan.

A photo from First 5 California’s strategic planning regional workshop in LA.

We are so excited for both agencies and the great work that they will achieve with their strategic plans working in partnership with their many stakeholders! Congratulations!