GPG Launches Interactive Map of Recent Work

We are excited to announce a new addition to the GPG website: a Kumu map of recent work. GPG developed this map in part to help visualize its breadth of work and to demonstrate its capacity for system and ecosystem mapping using Kumu. For more information on how to use and build Kumu maps, check out Kumu’s documentation which includes introductory videos.

GPG has recently completed several projects that involved using Kumu to develop and analyze maps of systems, partnerships, and policy landscapes. In addition, GPG is incorporating Kumu as a project management tool to help clarify team membership and connections between partners as appropriate.

map screenshot

Navigating the Map

This interactive map visualizes GPG’s recent and ongoing work, with projects grouped or “clustered” by GPG’s main categories of work:

  • Systems Change and Collaboration (gear icon)
  • Strategic, Business, and Sustainability Planning (directional signs icon)
  • Funding Research and Grant Proposal Development (piggy bank icon)

In addition, there is a category for “Other” (tools icon) to accommodate a few projects that do not fit into these three categories.

Users can click on each circle (element) in the map to view more details on a specific project or to view a definition of the categories of work in the left profile bar. For project elements, you can find information such as the client who provided funding for the project and the related field (Education, Criminal Justice, etc.) and subfields of work. Clicking on the background of the map will re-hide the sidebar.

Click elements for more info:

Each red, blue, and grey element represents a project. In the case of Funding Research and Grant Proposal Development work, each element corresponds to an agency or organization that GPG has worked with to support one or more fund development activities. Elements are color-coded by client type: government, non-profit, and foundation.

Filter by field:

gif of filtering by field of work
This map also allows you to filter by fields of work by clicking one or more of the the options at the top of the map (education, criminal justice, etc.), or to filter work by client type by using the dropdown menu in the upper-left corner underneath the search bar.

Filter by client type:

gif of filtering by client type

The map can be further (and temporarily) pared down through “focusing” on elements by hovering the mouse icon over an element or clicking and holding on an element until the map only shows elements directly connected to the clicked element. If clicking the element, the focus can be cleared by pressing the escape button on your keyboard. Focusing can also be cleared by clicking on the cross-hairs icon at the upper-right beneath the + and – (zoom) icons and clicking “Clear” in the menu that pops up; the focus degree can also be adjusted this way.

“Focus” on a project type:


If you have questions about this map or other GPG system and stakeholder mapping, please contact us at or (510) 528-1558.