City of Richmond Employment and Training Department Receives Workforce Accelerator Fund 5.0 Award

Workforce Accelerator Fund logoThe California Workforce Development Board and the Employment Development Department Workforce Accelerator Fund supports the design, development, and implementation of projects that accelerate employment and re-employment strategies for California job seekers. The City of Richmond Employment and Training Department (E&T) received a $150,000 award for the RichmondBUILD Contractors Resource Center (CRC). With this funding, the CRC will develop tools, strategies, and processes that provide opportunities to embed the program in the statewide or regional workforce system. The CRC model, originally supported by a Workforce Accelerator Fund 3.0 grant, is designed to help small local construction contractors develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully bid on, obtain and carry out contracts with major construction firms, and anchor institutions.

As part of this project, Richmond E&T will create an extensive series of integrated training modules for CRC trainees on topics such as estimating, bidding, back office operations, bonding, and human resources, that are adaptable and can be shared with other entities planning to replicate the CRC model. They will also share the model through developing and delivering a comprehensive presentation on the CRC model at local, state and national conferences; providing information on establishing local policies that support participation of local contractors in major development projects; and hosting quarterly visits and tours for entities interested in replicating the CRC model.

Richmond E&T will also support the implementation of the CRC model by providing technical assistance to interested communities that intend to develop the model; strengthening existing CRC partnerships with anchor institutions, local government, major developers and general contractors, and labor unions to enhance small contractor training and expand opportunities; and providing information on funding and sustainability models for CRCs.

GPG is proud to have had the opportunity to work on this successful workforce development grant proposal for the City of Richmond Employment and Training Department and the CRC to continue its work.