City of Richmond Employment and Training Department Receives Prop 39 Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Award

RichmondBUILD training graduates standing at RichmondBUILD WallOn June 8, 2017, the California Workforce Development Board announced awards for Proposition 39 Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Pipeline for Ex-Offenders, a $2.85 million program to build pre-apprenticeship programs serving formerly incarcerated job-seekers with a focus on women. The City of Richmond Employment and Training Department (E&T) was one of four entities to receive a training implementation grant, in the amount of $637,500 over a period of two years.

Participants in the proposed program will take part in regular cohorts of the highly acclaimed RichmondBUILD construction training program and will also receive training and instruction in the Multi-Core Curriculum (MC3) pre-apprenticeship program, a nationally recognized construction training curriculum. Of the 80 participants that will be enrolled, it is anticipated that 100% will complete the MC3 Pre-Apprenticeship training and will attain the industry-identified MC3 certificate. Fifty percent of participants in the program will be female ex-offenders.

The program will build upon the strong ties between RichmondBUILD and regional construction trade unions to provide participants with the opportunity to enter into pre-apprenticeship, earn industry-valued credentials and lead to apprenticeship or direct employment in the construction trades. The E&T anticipates that 45 out of the 80 program participants will be placed in state-approved apprenticeships over the course of the project period.

GPG is pleased to have had the opportunity to work on this successful workforce development grant proposal for the City of Richmond Employment and Training Department.