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GPG Animal Associates

Meet Our Pets

GPGers are supported by some of the best pet consultants in the business. Meet the team of incredible policy pups and collaborative kitties below!

Charlie Darwin
GPGer: Maggie

Charlie is living his best life in beautiful Lake Tahoe. He enjoys long walks, chasing bears and ducks, camping, and cuddles. Charlie is a chihuahua mix and thinks he’s a much larger dog than his 15 pounds would suggest. Charlie assists GPG clients by making an occasional exciting and cute appearance on calls, providing moral support for client work from his bed next to the desk, and ensuring his owner gets up from her desk at least twice a day to take him out.

Meatball, Edward Abbey (Eddie), & BoogieMan
GPGer: Katie

Meatball (L) is an old gal who loves food, belly rubs, and other dogs. Things she has mistaken for dogs include: children, statues, stumps, bushes. Eddie (middle) is a bratty teenager with no concept of personal space. She thinks Boogie is the coolest. BoogieMan (R) is a gentleman with one blue eye and one brown. His favorite days are the ones on which he gets to lick the empty yogurt container.

GPGer: Genaro

While still under a year old, Nami likes to think that she is the boss of the house. When she’s not supervising the window and chirping at everyone entering the apartment complex, she spends most of her time sleeping, meowing for the next meal, or avoiding all her toys to play with anything that sounds like a candy wrapper.

GPGer: Annie

Noodle is a lovely lady who has a bit of a mean streak if she doesn’t receive breakfast in a timely manner. Noodle has mastered the art of the conversation and understands that conversations involve turn taking. She will patiently listen to what you have to say before responding with her classic chorus of “meow.” Unfortunately her lack of vocabulary has not made her the best facilitator, but she is a great listener.

GPGer: Jennifer

Poppy is a mix of multiple breeds.  She enjoys spending most of her time lounging in comfortable spots or laying in the sun in the backyard. While she doesn’t like to “dog,” she will do some occasional zoomies and likes to dig big holes.

GPGer: Aaron

Wingnut is a Russel Terrier, born in 2011.

Likes: sunbathing, hiking, barking at other dogs, rolling in the dirt, sleeping, personal space, having her own agenda, laying under furniture, her humans

Dislikes: squirrels, rain, loud noises

GPGer: Caitlin

Zuzu is a friendly and energetic English Springer Spaniel born in late 2021. When she’s not busy training her humans, she enjoys playing fetch, digging holes, and joining Zoom meetings.

Miso and Goose
GPGer: Hannah

Miso (front) and Goose (back) are two rat brothers who enjoy Honey Nut Cheerios, exploring places they shouldn’t explore, and wrestling each other. Miso is a sweet and shy guy, while his brother Goose is fearless, bossy, and outgoing.