A Guide to School Employee Well-Being Through Collaboration, from Kaiser Permanente and the Kaiser Permanente Office of Labor Management Partnership

In June 2017, Kaiser Permanente’s Office of Labor Management Partnership released A Guide to School Employee Well-Being Through Collaboration, a roadmap for districts, schools, and teacher and classified employee unions interested in developing and implementing employee well-being programs. The guide was developed in collaboration with multiple unions, administration associations, and researchers. The guide specifies concrete steps for building collaboration around well-being efforts, and includes real-world examples from districts that have successfully and collaboratively launched employee well-being initiatives.

The guide, which uses the term ‘well-being’ as a phrase that can go beyond physical and mental health to include other factors, such as job satisfaction and quality of relationships, consists of two parts. The first part describes how labor management collaboration can help build a successful school employee well-being program, while the second part is a step-by-step guide for collaboratively planning and implementing a well-being program.

Several California school districts, including San Leandro Unified School District and Elk Grove Unified School District, have developed robust wellness programs and initiatives using strong labor management partnerships. Highlights from San Leandro Unified School District’s robust school employee wellness efforts through labor management partnership can be found in the guide and on the Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools website.

About the Kaiser Permanente Office of Labor Management Partnership: Kaiser Permanente has been engaged in a labor management partnership with the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions since 1997, called the Labor Management Partnership (LMP). One of the many roles the LMP plays is to offer guidance and resources for others interested in building a labor management partnership in any workplace. The Kaiser Permanente LMP provides its expertise in labor management collaboration to the Kaiser Permanente’s Thriving Schools effort, which is dedicated to improving health in K-12 schools, including that of staff and teachers.

GPG provided support for this effort by conducting interviews with key stakeholders from the field to gather feedback on early drafts of the guide, reviewing draft materials, and facilitating feedback and discussion sessions with union and district stakeholders.

Additional resources on how to start school employee well-being initiatives are available on the Thriving Schools website, which includes recordings of the national webinar series in addition to sample activities and promotional materials.