West County Health Centers Receives a New Access Point Grant

Mary Szecsey, Executive Director of West County Health Centers (WCHC), has announced the receipt of a U. S. Department of Health Services grant to provide comprehensive primary care, mental health services, dental care, and access to drug and alcohol treatment for homeless people living in the lower Russian River area. The area has no permanent homeless shelters and a significant homeless population. The new permanent health clinic in the Guerneville area will be co-located with a year-round, day-time drop-in center providing a range of phased-in services as well as a seasonal emergency shelter serving single adults eighteen years and older.

The grant will allow WCHC to improve access to primary medical care, mental health services, dental care, and substance abuse treatment, strengthen the coordination of care among homeless service providers in the area, and address complex clinical and social needs through focused clinical case management. WCHC will work collaboratively with neighboring health and social service agencies.

The total grant award is $717,977 for a 19-month program. The County of Sonoma supported the work of GPG in preparing the successful application.