The Glen Price Group marries state-of-the-art facilitation techniques with high quality information technology support to enable groups to build solid strategic plans backed by strong documentation and tracking systems. GPG facilitators utilize a variety of creative participatory techniques designed to strengthen partnership and collaborative bonds. GPG has a wealth of experience leading strategic planning processes in a number of program areas, including K-12 education, early childhood education, workforce development, and criminal justice. GPG fosters open communication with the client and relevant stakeholders to ensure that organizational opportunities and challenges are fully identified and addressed.

GPG’s approach to strategic planning incorporates the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) philosophy and methodology. AI focuses on recognizing and recreating successes, and identifying and building upon strengths as a powerful approach to institutional improvement and development.

GPG brings significant experience in leading large-scale strategic planning processes for organizations, as well as incorporating high levels of stakeholder and community engagement as a critical component of these strategic planning efforts.

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The Glen Price Group works with clients to successfully engage internal and/or external stakeholders on special projects and initiatives. We have special expertise marrying in-person events with online technology to maximize participation and input. For example, for the statewide California Comprehensive Early Learning Plan, GPG facilitated the engagement of over 2,700 participants statewide using a variety of techniques including regional workshops, meeting toolkits, online meetings, and online surveys and feedback tools. This resulted in a plan that has broad buy-in and support and that has been used extensively for statewide planning and advocacy work. We facilitate meetings and processes that allow for increased opportunities for interaction, communication, and collective learning. Through these exchanges, our clients and their stakeholders improve and strengthen relationships, and increase their capacity to innovate and respond to complex and frequently changing contexts affecting their work and ability to accomplish shared goals.

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The Glen Price Group is nationally recognized for its ability to develop high-quality state and federal grant proposals. We have helped clients raise more than $400 million since 2001. Our successful track record is grounded in strong partnerships with clients. We begin by engaging our client in an ongoing conversation about its vision and plan for the future. Once we have gained an understanding of where our client wants to go, we use our strategic planning and program design skills to help our client fine-tune their strategic priorities and approach to the proposal at hand. This work is also valuable for clients in future proposal development planning. Ultimately, we develop proposals that persuasively document for reviewers and readers of our client’s capacity to achieve exceptional results. We write proposals to build excitement about the funder’s opportunity to invest in the proposed project. Additionally, our financial and budget expertise results in a final product that communicates both a compelling vision and well-conceived budget.

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