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Maria Tuttle



Maria Tuttle partners with organizations working to make social and systemic change at the local and global levels, with a specific focus on building equity for underserved and marginalized populations.

Maria gained international experience as a Rotary Peace Fellow and project manager in Thailand and Cambodia. Awarded a fellowship in 2016 to earn a professional certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies through Rotary International, she had the opportunity to attend a three-month training program geared for mid-career professionals with an interest in social justice and systems change. This international program consisted of interconnected trainings focused on conflict resolution, mediation practices, trauma management, and transformative as well as restorative justice frameworks. Post fellowship, she served as a thought partner for Women Peacemakers Cambodia and the Working Group for Partnerships in Decentralization where she worked on developing a training program focused on anti-violence and non-violent communication techniques for educators in rural Cambodia.

For 10 years, Maria served as full-time faculty for Los Medanos College (LMC) where she designed and spearheaded curriculum that included holistic, social-emotional learning with an aim to address negative behaviors impacting marginalized groups. At LMC, she also served as the site director for the Puente Program, a nationally recognized learning program geared to build academic and interpersonal skills for Latino and underserved students, and where she created a comprehensive program rooted in culturally responsive and social justice frameworks. Her success is attributed to her ability to work across departments and with multiple community and education stakeholders on the ground to create the pathways needed to enable underserved students to thrive.

Maria’s deep knowledge and experience of the post-secondary space and the California Community College system continues to inform her work. After leaving her college career, she began leveraging her expertise in education as a consultant for various organizations. She assisted the Asante Africa Foundation (AAF) to evolve its program model for its multiple international programs in Kenya and Tanzania. Maria served as an expert for ongoing education and career readiness initiatives and provided strategic support to the chief executive officer and staff. As an independent contractor for Jobs for the Future (JFF), a national non-profit focused on change in workforce and education sectors, Maria has been a key player in moving the multiple components of a statewide project for the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO). With JFF, she has had the opportunity to stretch her talents in curriculum design and facilitation by developing a change management and leadership transformation curriculum that has enabled system leaders to begin to work in agile and adaptive ways. Maria’s additional relevant accomplishments include preparing recommendations for JFF’s Next Generation Professional Development and Learning System for the CCCCO and drafting the AMETLL (Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Technology Linked Learning) Sustainability Report for AMETLL consortium members – summarizing members’ experiences conducting Guided Pathways work to determine how it could be sustained and priorities pursued.

As an Associate with the Glen Price Group (GPG), Maria supports GPG’s work with clients on efforts to build educational equity with a specific focus on post-secondary institutions and initiatives.