New Provides New Tools to Explore Federal Spending

April 5, 2018
Funding Research and Grant Proposal Development| Informational , the official source for spending data of the U.S. government, has launched its new site. The new site, previously only available in beta, has a new look, as well as new tools for exploring government spending: The Spending Explorer is an interactive way to visualize the breakdown of the federal budget by category and agency. Users start with high-level categories that can be broken down into more specific spending purposes. The… Read More →

In Case You Missed It: GPG in 2017

December 29, 2017
Funding Research and Grant Proposal Development| Informational| Strategic, Business, Sustainability, and Action Planning| Systems Change and Collaboration
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In 2017, we supported many amazing clients and initiatives working to impact their respective fields: We supported the planning process for the Family Justice Center Sonoma County (FJCSC) to develop and pilot a screening tool for polyvictimization to be used by the FJCSC and its partners. This screening tool will allow the FJCSC and its partners to better identify and effectively serve individuals that have experienced polyvictimization (multiple victimizations of different kinds), who often experience higher levels of negative health complications, in addition to higher likelihoods of… Read More →

Upcoming Changes to Submission Process and Email Notifications

November 20, 2017
Informational , the major online system for finding and applying for federal grant opportunities, recently made changes to its email notifications system and will be making additional changes to its application submission process next month. As of December 31, 2017, will no longer be using the legacy PDF package for submission of grant applications . Submissions to will now be done through Workspace, “ an online environment optimized for applicants who are collaborating on an application. ” Workspace was launched in October 2015 and has been available for applicants to use for submission since early… Read More →

Implementation Science: The Path from Science to Service

September 15, 2017

Public sector entities, non-profits, and funders alike want their projects and services to be based in evidence. But the journey from research findings to routine practice can be long and arduous, and people cannot benefit from evidence-based interventions if the interventions never reach them. Research on health care systems and public health has shown that evidence-based practices (EBPs) take an average of 17 years to be incorporated into routine general… Read More →

The Constellation Model: Networking for Social Change

March 22, 2017

How can we effectively lay the groundwork for social change in a world in which funding and time are scarce? According to the constellation model, the answer lies in nimble, high-impact collaboration. Created by the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) in Toronto, the constellation model is a framework for effectively bringing diverse partners from multiple fields together to solve complex and pressing social problems. This model emerged from a specific CSI project with the… Read More →